The Four Principle of Management in Human Services

Managers concentrate on human services feel the need to apply principles of management in their organizations to maximize the funds they have laid out for their programs. They use management principles to resolve trials they encounter upon serving the people or organizations via criminal justice, education services, mental or physical health, and social services.


Coming out with a good plan, you must be financial, operationally and strategically prepared. In setting up the direction of an organization, leaders do it with strategic planning. They then present to the organization the plans which shall follow an executive strategy. They shall also develop the vital budget needed for the task. These organizations work with professionals, especially those employees who work with their clients. You must then come out with plans via team collaboration. Just a little of plans that came down from top management. You should also come up with objectives developed by departments instead of by individuals.

organizational planning


In employing the principles of management in human services, you should know how to manage sideways, and you can do it by tapping the potential of professionals in the different departments so that you can accomplish your objectives. Tap the highly-qualified professionals in your organization. Build your network via strategic aim and not through department silo.



Once you have planned the work, the next step would be to make the plan work. You will need to guide the professionals with your plan so that you can attain your objectives. Organizations usually direct not only the professionals but also their clients who are at risk of improvising. Your workers and clients may resist your plan; thus you need to be prepared with another plan that is just as effective. You must have different plans in your sleeves, such as additional people who will assist you as well as back-up policies, just in case your initial one is met with resistance. This must be incorporated in your plan’s operational phase so that you have ready contingencies should trouble to arise.


You need to control and evaluate things meticulously so that your direction shall be kept on track. When you control the process, you should also administer the organization, gauge the process and determine barriers when meeting your goals and objectives. This shall make you establish your aims and have a uniform standard which takes away perceived or real arbitrariness in your decisions while directing your people. You need to balance your need for results with the fact that humans work with human services. Thus they tend to be driven by process. The items that you can measure may be less sensitive to time and more broad-based so that clients can work more quickly than the others.

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