The Martin Training Quick Guide Management Series will provide you with the highlights of what you need to know about today’s most important management topics. If you’re like most leaders, your time is too valuable to invest it reading 200-page business books when you can get the same information, distilled into an easy-to-read format.


New Matrix Management

Explore all the essentials you need to know about the new matrix management


Sponsoring a Project

Addresses what leaders need to know to oversee a successful project.


Meeting Management Leading Successful Meetings

Develop ideas and solutions through collaborative tools and methods.


Championship Selling

Tools and methods you can use every day you sell.


Change Accountability

The Six Keys of C.H.A.N.G.E.™ for anyone who is experiencing a change in their organization.


Accountability for Leaders in the New Matrix

Accepting accountability at the individual and organizational level in order to meet the strategic goals.


Power & Accountability

Accountability shapes how we respond to change and manage our relationships with other people.


Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise PM solutions to identify the need for greater maturity in project management