What You Need To Know About Organizational Management Functions

organizational management

Approach to the consideration of organizational management in terms of features and the process remains very popular because is characterized by simplicity and clarity. Using considered earlier definition we can say that managers plan, organize, direct and carry out monitoring of the organization constantly making decisions and taking certain activities. But for the most reliable description of the work of managers, based on the best role-playing applications which they do in their work. Organizational management researchers have identified three main types of role-playing systems. These include interpersonal, information, facilities related to decision making.

Interpersonal role

Most of the managers required to perform duties that are associated with working with people, this may be their subordinates, so people outside the organization. This uses the interpersonal role installation. Very often, managers play a role leader. This role involves the installation of hiring, training, the motivation of employees and monitoring their discipline. Also, this type involves a bridging role. That is, the manager comes in connection with external objects, which supply them with information. These sources may exist within the organization and outside it. For instance, a sales manager who receives information from the personnel department of his own company creates internal communications. When he consults with other companies, it shall establish external relations.


Information Role installation

Managers work with information, and it’s with its procurement, collection, and distribution. For external information they read newspapers to communicate with other people, to study the tastes of consumers, plans of competitors and other factors. This is the role of the observer. Also, managers are the conduits for information about other members of the organization, while carrying out this part of the Distributor. In the case of an illegal organization, the manager acts as a representative.

Role settings relating to decision-making

Managers can perform the role of entrepreneurs who start new projects that will improve the performance of some companies. As responsible for the lack of his work, managers to take corrective action in response to unforeseen circumstances. And also, managers play the role of negotiator, when discussing the nuances of transactions to take advantage for their organizations.


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