Inbound Vs Outbound Recruiting: Which Is A Better Method In Sales Recruitment Process?

inbound vs outbound sales recruitment

If you have been in the recruiting industry for quite some time now, then you’ve probably have heard about the terms “inbound marketing” and “outbound marketing”.  Surely enough, the concepts of these respective recruitment processes are different from one another. But the question is, are you familiar with it? And which of these recruiting processes is more suitable for recruiting sales applicants?

Find out more about this as we go through is topic in today’s blog post.


Inbound And Outbound Recruiting Defined

In simple terms, inbound recruiting is the method of proactively attracting candidates so you (the recruitment agent) will be able to pair them to the appropriate employer or open position according to their skills and proficiencies. The goal of this recruitment strategy is to lead the prospective candidates through the three stages of their journey (awareness, consideration, interest).

On the other hand, outbound recruiting is a process of talent acquisition where you are seeking suitable applicants by contacting them when a new position is open. The goal of this recruitment strategy is to take the applicant into the application stage and get hired immediately.

What Is The Primary Difference Between These 2 Recruitment Strategies?

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The primary difference lies in how the message is delivered to the candidate.

With inbound recruiting, the job opening is displayed on job posting sites, weekly email updates, job fairs, and bulletins so that applicants who are looking for employment assistance will be aware of the open position.

Outbound recruiting is more aggressive as it requires an effort on your part to contact applicants through cold calls, emails, and telemarketing.

Which Is More Appropriate For Hiring Salespeople?

The way we see it, inbound marketing is a more effective sales recruitment process if you are dealing with applicants in the sales industry. And the reason for this is you can get more candidates in your applicant pool just select which of these individuals will be the right fit for an open position that is being offered.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be doing outbound recruiting as companies might offer a position that is skilled specific. Likewise, employers might be very detailed with the kind of candidate they want to hire. So in order to find the right person, you are required to reach out to these applicants in a more aggressive way.


Final Word

So which is a better method in the sales recruitment process? The answer is both. And that’s because even though these strategies have different philosophies in acquiring talents, they both work to reach the same goal. And that is to hire the ideal candidate persona according to the sales job that’s being offered by a company.

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