Avoid These 5 Test-Taking Traps To Pass The Series 63 Exam

taking series 63 exam

Getting tripped on an important test after studying hard can be a shame. And the pressure can also be a contributing factor since getting overwhelmed by this feeling can also lead to indecisiveness in selecting the right answers.

So if you want to increase your chances of passing, then we advise you to continue reading as we are going to share the 5 test-taking traps you need to avoid on your series 63 exam.

Let’s begin…

Being Complacent During Studying

Being confident is good, but being too confident can also mean your doom. Perhaps your displaced confidence may be because of getting decent grades during your series 63 practice exam, that’s why you stop studying.

But most experts recommend that you need to push harder when you study so you’ll be able to get highly-satisfactory grades. In short, if you got 80 on the practice test then you have to study harder to get 85. The main idea is to always shoot for the highest grade that you can possibly attain to increase your chances of passing.

Likewise, don’t wait to study within days before taking the actual series 63 test to avoid cramming. You’ll need all the time to prepare so that you’ll be able to retain as much information as you can in your brain. And that can only be possible if you have studied weeks (even months) before taking the actual exam.

Not Reading The Question Very Well

series 63 exam

Reading the questions at face value can be risky since you may not have understood them in full context. So it’s strongly advised that you read the question completely, even taking the time to read it again, to get the whole thought of the inquiry.

This way, you’ll be able to eliminate answer options that are already a “stretch” from the question. And most of the time this will leave you to the 2 most probable answers which 1 of them is, of course, the correct answer.

Not Being Able To Dress For Comfort

If you prefer to dress to impress on the day of the exam, then this may not benefit you in any way other than getting the attention of your fellow examinees. So we also recommend that you dress comfortably to avoid building up any anxious feelings that might distract you from taking the series 63 test properly.

To be specific, you should not wear a tie that is so tight as this will cut off the circulation of blood to your brain. In addition, you also need to dress in layers, preferably, a cotton shirt, a sweatshirt, & a jacket so you’ll be warm all throughout the test.

Being Distracted When Other Examinees Finish Early

Don’t let the thought of others finishing early psych you out. Just focus on your paper and learn to take the exam at your own pace. That’s the reason why you have to take practice exams so you’ll be able to develop a productive pace in answering the test questions without feeling the pressure of time constraint.

Changing Answers For Unclear Reasons

And finally, you have to trust your gut instincts when taking the series 63 exam because this will often lead you to the right answers.

You only have to change your original answer if:

  • You were able to ‘trick words’ after the reading the question again, hence you have to change your original answer.
  • You realized your initial answer is NOT the best choice after all.

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